DEAD CONSPIRACY-Self Titled 2nd Full Length 2016

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DEAD CONSPIRACY-Dead Conspiracy 2016
The masters of Oregon Death Metal have returned again! This time with Mike Abominator from Gravehill on vocals and new drummer Eric A. This 2nd Lp is a massive step forward in the Dead Conspiracy sound. The overall crushing production, the dual guitar work from Chris Carey (Poison Idea, Religious War, Defiance etc) and Jeff Taylor (Deathcharge, 16Volt etc) and the monsterous bass of Eric Dorsett solidifies Dead Conspiracy as one of the best when it comes to straight up old school sounding Death Metal. Don't forget these guys have been doing this since 1986!!! For fans of Celtic Frost (Morbid Tales), Early Sodom, Kreator and Death.
INCLUDES a digital download card for the LP.