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FETISH-"World Eater" VINYL

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FETISH-Limited Edition Purple Vinyl Import "WORLD EATER"
European Import on Skrammel Records (Sweden)
Includes a 7x4 screened patch, 34x24 poster, Limited Edition Purple Vinyl

Domestic Version
Limited to 300 - Ultra Clear Vinyl
300 - Ultra Clear Vinyl w/Slime Green Splatter
(**Vinyl will come hand numbered, packaged in a heavyweight clear PVC sleeve with the vinyl in front of the cover art, which will fold out into a gate-fold layout with lyrics, photos, etc. Album will have a clear vinyl sticker on the outside also showing the band logo and album title. The record will also have custom etching on side A and B)

FETISH-World Eater
FETISH-"World Eater"
*Debut Full Length*
What do you get when six members of some of the best NW Hardcore Rock N Roll bands join forces? The FETISH sound is pretty much what you think the band would be like with these musical juggernauts at the helm. Poison Idea's Feel The Darkness, We Must Burn spliced n' diced with with a Long Knife for a sound all their own.

FETISH is Steve "Thee Slayer Hippy" Hanford, Eric "The Vegetable" Olson, Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, Chris Reid and Brandon Bentley.

Produced by Thee Slayer Hippy
Mixed by Ian Watts
Engineered by Slayer and legendary Producer Billy Anderson
Front cover art by Ryan Hagstrom
Photography by "Danger" Ehren McGehee.

As if it’s not enough that FETISH features legendary POISON IDEA members Steve “Thee Slayer Hippy” Hanford and Eric “Vegetable” Olson, and later-era Poison Idea guitarist Brandon Bentley, but it also includes 3 of the members of the Portland punk rock machine that is LONG KNIFE, Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, and Chris Reid. With a single already out and a vicious onslaught of new material put together, we here at Blackhouse are honored to be putting out their debut full length album, “WORLD EATER” in its entirety in physical form.