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AC/DC-Family Jewels 2xdvd 1975-1991 TV, Video appearances

Acid Bath-Double Live Bootleg (Live, Rehearsals, Videos)

Alice In Chains-Music Bank (The Videos

American Hardcore-1980-1986 History Of American Punk Rock

Anthrax-Anthology 1985-1991 The Videos

Anvil-The Story Of Anvil

Armored Saint-A Trip Through Red Times 1982-1990

Beatles-Hard Days Night (Collectors Series)

Beowulf-Live Berkley Square 1993, On Broadway S.F. 1994, + More

Black Sabbath aka Heaven & Hell-Live 2007 Radio City Music Hall (Ronnie James Dio)
Black Sabbath-Paranoid (Classic Albums Authorized Story Of The Album)

Bleeding Through-Wolves Among Sheep 2005 5hrs

Blue Man Group-The Complex Rock Tour Live + Videos

Blue Velvet-David Lynch Movie

Boogie Nights Platinum Series

Bukowski-at Bellevue,WA Community College Reading 1970
Bukowski-Born Into This

Bumfights-A Cause For Concern Volume 1 2001

Children Of Bodom-Chaos Ridden Years

Clash-Westway To The World Documentary

Coheed & Cambria-Live At The Starland Ballroom + Videos

Corrosion Of Conformity-Live Volume The Movie

Cradle Of Filth-PanDaemonAeon Videos
Cradle Of Filth-Heavy Left Handed & Candid

Cro-Mags-The Final Quarrel live at CBGB’s 2001

DAFT Punk-A Story About Dogs, Androids, Firemen and Tomatoes

Destruction-A Savage Symphony The History Of Annihilation (Live at Wacken, Documentary & Videos)

Detroit Rock City Movie Platinum Series

The Dickies-An Evening With The Dickies 2002 Portsmouth UK

Dimevision-Vol 1

Dimmu Borgir-The Invaluable Darkness 2xdvd 1 CD + Booklet

Drowning Pool-Sinema

Earache Records 1986-2000 Immortalised The Dvd 20 Videos + CD (Dual Disc)

Exodus-Double Live Dynamo
Exodus-3xdvd Shovel Headed Tour Machine live At Wacken & Other Assorted Atrocities

Faith No More-You Fat Bastards + Who Cares A Lot Greatest Videos

Foo Fighters-Everywhere But Home

Gorgoroth-Black Mass Krakow 2004 (Metal Case Edition)

Heavy Metal-The Movie (Collection Series w/Special Features)

In Flames-Used & Abused (In Live We Trust)

Iron Maiden-Visions Of The Beast )The Complete Video History)
Iron Maiden-Rock In Rio 2xdvd
Iron Maiden-Death On The Road
Iron Maiden-Live After Death
Iron Maiden-Flight 666 2xdvd Hardback Book Edition
Iron Maiden-En Vivo 2xdvd

Italian Punk Hardcore-1980-1989 Movie

Kiss-The Second Coming

Lamb Of God-Terror And Hubris
Lamb Of God-Walk With Me In Hell

Lemmy-40% Motherfucker…..2xdvd

Lords Of Dogtown Unrated Extended Cut Movie

Magnolia-Movie Platinum Series

Manowar-The Day The Earth Shook-The Aboslue Power 2xdvd

Marduk-Funeral Marches and Warsongs Live 2003 + Videos

Mastodon-The Workhorse Chronicles The Early Years 2000-2005

Metal A Headbangers Journey 2xdvd Special Edition

Metalocalypse-Season 1 2xdvd
Metalocalypse-Season 2 2xdvd

Metallica-The Big 4 Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax Live From Bulgaria
Metallica-Some Kind Of Monster

Ministry-Fix Documentary Movie
Ministry-Tapes Of Wrath (Video History) 13 Vids

Neurosis-A Sun That Never Sets

Nine Inch Nails-Live Beside You In Time

NOFX-Backstage Passport 1 & 2
NOFX-Ten Years Of Fuckin’ Up

Nuclear Blast Records Monsters Of Metal Video Compilations Volume 1, 2 & 3
2xdvds per Volume

NYHC-New York Hardcore Documentary 2xdvd Special Edition

Obituary-Live Xecution Party San 2008

Opeth-Lamentations Live At Shepards Bush 2003

Orgy-Trans Global Spectacle 1997-2004

Osbourne-The 2nd Season

Overkill-Wrecking Everything at Asbury Park…Live, Backstage, Interviews, Home Footage etc
Rat Skates-Born In The Basement….Early History Of Overkill etc

Pantera-3 Vulgar Videos From Hell

Peepshow III-Fat Wreck Chords Videos Interviews, Lagwagon, Strung Out, SOIA, NOFX, Avail etc

A Perfect Circle-aMOTION DVD and Remix CD w/booklet

Pearl Jam-20

Punk O Rama-The Videos Vol 1 (Rancid, Refused, Pennywise, Dropkick Murphys etc)

Rammstein-Lichtspielhaus (Live, Videos, Making Of etc)

Ramones-RAW 5hrs of Material
Rock N’ Roll High School special edition

Relapse Records-Contamination Fest 2003 2xdvd

Release-Documentary Bad Religion, Madball, Sick Of It All, Bouncing Souls, Ignite, Deadly etc etc

Reservoir Dogs Special Edition 10 Years Mr Pink Version

RKL Rich Kids On LSD-Still Flailing After All These Beers (Directors Cut Video & Audio Options

Roadrunner Records United-The Concert

Shadows Fall-The Art Of Touring (Drunk & Shitty In Every City)

Skinny Puppy-The Greater Wrong Of The Right 2xdvd + (Archive Footage from Last Rights Too Dark Park

Slayer-Still Reigning 2004
Slayer-War At The Warfield

Slipknot-Disasterpieces 2xdvd
Slipknot- 2xdvd Voliminal Inside The Nine (Movie, Videos, Interviews)

Spinal Tap-Special Edition Movie

Strapping Young Lad-For Those Aboot To Rock Live At The Commodore +Videos,Interviews etc

Steve O Don’t Try This At Home

Suburbia Movie

Suicidal Tendencies-Live At The Olympic Auditorium 2005

Tankard-Fat, Ugly and still A(Live)
Tankard-Open All Night (Reloaded)

TSOL-Live From Orange County 1991

Turbonegro-The ResErection 2002 Rockumentary

Twin Peaks-Fire Walk With Me
Twin Peaks-The First Season Special Edition DVD Box Set

Type O Negative-Symphony For The Devil

VoiVod-DVOD 1 1983-1991 All the videos, Live, Artwork etc
VoiVod-Tatsumaki Japan 2008