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SPAZZTIC BLURR-Bedrock Blurr/Hello Dum Dums Demo + MORE!!!!

Image of SPAZZTIC BLURR-Bedrock Blurr/Hello Dum Dums Demo + MORE!!!!
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SPAZZTIC BLURR-Hello Dum Dums 2xp
Regular black vinyl pressing limited to 400 copies
Also includes Spazztic Blurr buttons/pins.

The Blurr Hogs are back!!! SPAZZTIC BLURR, Portland, Oregon’s ultra-fast thrashcore project spawned in the mid 80's by members of the legendary thrash unit Wehrmacht, has returned! Their classic debut album "Before and After," released by Earache Records in 1987, was a surprisingly fresh, funny and original mix of extremely fast hardcore with highly technical speed metal and thrash spiced up by a relentless dose of humor. And after a long hiatus, they have recently reformed and recorded a brand new album titled "Hello Dum Dums" that is a fantastic throwback to their classic early recordings. Containing eight songs that combine hyper-speed drumming by “Burger King” Eric (yes, even faster than Wehrmacht!), the highly skilled riffing and solos of Marko “Sharko” and the equally impressive bass and vocal work of “Fang Tooth” Ryan and Chris “Bone” Merrow, this album is fast, heavy and, as one would expect from Spazztic Blurr, contains a lot of humor, jokes and is a lot of fun! This special extended vinyl edition on FOAD includes the new album plus a bonus LP with a re-mastered version of their 1986 demo tape "Bedrock Blurr," which is an extremely hard to find cult classic! This double LP is housed in a high glossy gatefold jacket and comes with a full color 12"x12" booklet filled with lyrics, photos, flyers, interviews, illustrations and a lot more! Fans of Wehrmacht, Cryptic Slaughter and all those missing the early "Mosh" days when bands like Unseen Terror, Intense Degree, Lawnmower Deth, O.L.D., Heresy and Concrete Sox were coming out one after another will love and appreciate this release! New fans will undoubtedly love it as well! And remember… if you're serious, you lose!