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Artwork by Mark Rudolf

United in their addiction to crushing riffs played at obscene volumes, Spacebeast, an instrumental unholy trinity of guitar, bass and drums, have taken heaviness to a new dimension of ever-changing metallic sounds.  Inspired by visions of a colossal mega beast traveling the universe devouring entire galaxies, this 5 track, 32 minute debut release is sure to satiate fans of all things dark and heavy. Fueled by a combined 28 speakers, 600+ watts of tube power, and a mountain of fuzz and effect pedals, a live Spacebeast show is intended to be an experience of both the mind and the body. While Spacebeast entwines elements of sludge, prog, and of course Black Sabbath, they don’t play the stereotypical sounding doom / stoner rock which has flooded the scene as of late.  With tracks ranging from 5 to 8 minutes in length, there are legions of unexpected turns.  Spacebeast bludgeons your ear drums over and over; but never the same way twice.  There is no studio trickery here:  this is the real deal.  What may sound like layers of post tracking overdubs are actually Pat’s vintage collection of pedals along with Josh’s buzzsaw bass tones and Darius’s thunderous and precise drumming.  Get lost in the intergalactic sounds of Spacebeast and witness the destruction for yourself.