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HAWKEYES-"Poison Slows You Down" Red Vinyl

Image of HAWKEYES-"Poison Slows You Down" Red Vinyl
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HAWKEYES-"Poison Slows You Down" LP on Red Vinyl
From Kitchener, Ontario-Canada
Awakening from a shared stoned-apocalyptic prophetic hallucination, Hawkeyes formed around a shared philosophy of “Tune Down, Turn Up”. By eschewing traditional song-structure in favour of volume and time-travel, Hawkeyes have created a uniquely monolithic sound, one they self-describe as a “chaotic, psychedelic brand of space-doom” that is greatly indebted to their passion for sound-bending, fuzzpriest-built effects pedals, custom built guitars and basses and hugely over sized drums and cymbals. With these tools, Hawkeyes are able to simultaneously abuse the ears and massage the psyches of anyone foolish enough to bear witness.